Choices: And The Sun Went Out, a Gamebook Quant

Tin Man Games is a video game software house specialized in the production of “gamebook “-apps that work in all respects as those on paper. With his latest work, called Choices: And The Sun Went Out, the company decided to experiment with the genre and offer something different from the usual.

Choices: And The Sun Went Out, a Gamebook Quant

According to indexdotcom, this game will be updated every week with new chapters of adventure; at the moment it is not even clear how long it will last, and the final will be fully “open”. Tin Man Games says that the game experience will be completely different from one player to another, and that the conclusion will inevitably be customized.

The business model of Choices: And The Sun Went Out includes the first part of content completely free; then you can pay a subscription of tot months, during which it will automatically unlock all content downloads. There is also the ability to watch video ads instead of in-app purchases.

The premise of the story are pretty interesting: the Sun disappeared for two hours. Then he came back, as if nothing had happened. Our task is to understand all the ins and outs of the absurd phenomenon, together with our artificial intelligence Moti (which we can also follow the Apple iOS on Watch).

Choices: And The Sun Went Out is available for both Android and iOS; the story is in English only.