Choose LED Lighting

The LED revolution does not stop and the technological advances in this area are very fast. In a short time we have moved from an expensive LED bulb, which shed light on shortly and went down to a piece of technology that offers reliable, efficient and affordable lighting!

Choose LED Lighting

With bulbs of different units, it is now possible to replace their bulbs with LED bulbs without adaptation issue…

However, the market extending, you find everything and it is essential to have you! Talk to professionals able to offer products with the best quality / price.

How we recognize a true professional? If they’re talking about Lumens, candlepower, colors of white (warm white, cold white, neutral white), that’s good!

The light output, your best ally

We must now think in terms of Watt but Lumens. Consuming very little LED light bulbs, you can very well have several light bulbs that display a power 3/4 Watts, but for a different light output for each bulb. So, forget the Watts and consider only the Lumens.

How to choose a light bulb?

On average, a traditional light bulb produces 10 to 13 Lumens per Watt. Simply multiply the number of Watts of your bulb to be replaced by -choose 10, it will be easier – and you get the number of Lumens you need.

Example, you want to replace your spots recessed LED night lights in the ceiling. They display a power of 35 Watts.
So, 35 x 10 = 350 Lumens. Need you a MINIMUM 350 lumen LED bulb.

Our experience would recommend to navigate in the 350 to 500 Lumens. You now have your fork. Take account of the location (you need lots of light? Is a place of passage?), the quality of the light bulb and its price. With all of these you choose the high or low range.

To help you we have categorized our light bulbs and a large part of our luminaires in ascending order of light intensity expressed in LUMENS (lm).

But feel free to test by buying your bulbs to the unit before equipping your home.

Think back lighting

In addition to the light output, it also need to rethink the way of lighting our homes.
Look carefully at your dwelling place and share in three areas:

  1. The parts that really need light.Technology has changed: it is now possible to enlighten with LEDs.
  2. Sites of passage parts, where the lighting is that one-time or done to mark a path: markup of corridors, shower cabin, plan of work, decoration light, sconces, offal day, desk lamps…In this case the LED can also replace your bulbs.
  3. The places that you turn that very rarely.Why not dare to color? You can change the effects with the remote control depending on the desired atmosphere when you use these lights.

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