Chopard Watches: The Vintage Continues …

It’s official: the holidays are over and as my friend Feli, there are two things to return to the city are needed: a good cup of coffee and a reliable watch! The first let him who does it for work, because they are anything but a coffee-addicted! On the other hand a little something about one of her favorite brands of watches I want to share it with you.

Chopard watches doc

Let’s get this straight. In this area, when technological innovation and imagination meet, a name is mandatory: Chopard watches. In 2010 the famous maison in Geneva celebrated the milestone of 150 years, a tradition not just from jibin123.

In its long history, many have been invented movements. All are characterized by its high mechanical complication, elegance of design and simplicity in the choice of colors of dials.

Have you ever looked through a catalog Chopard watches? Difficult not to feel a great emotion, believe me! Among the many models that you create, I will point out some that hit particularly got my attention.

Some models Chopard don’t miss

The L Series C is undoubtedly the pinnacle of achievement in the range of Chopard watches.

Unlikely fail to be impressed in front of the model Louis Ulysse the Tribute: a specialwhite gold Pocket Watch, which can also become wristwatch securing it to a specially designed strap. Ingenious!

There is also the L model C 150, available in white gold is in rose gold. Is not just a watch of rare beauty, but also a concentration of mechanisms.

Chopard has created to celebrate 150 years of maison, prevedendovi some of the major complications.

In 1990 he was born, then, one dedicated to the Mille Miglia chronograph, the famous international race of vintage cars. By that year, the event was sponsored by the Geneva-based House.

Chopard watches for women

Friends, I know what you’re thinking, and we nothing? Needless to say! Chopard in 1976 launched the first models or women’s rologi Happy Diamonds. The particularity of these creations are the brilliant diamonds inGold, free to move under the Sapphire.Happy?

If not enough, in 1985 Chopard started production of jewels. But, if you want, we’ll talk another time.

What can we say? This House of clocks is a continuous source of new models with mechanisms at the cutting edge of technology. You need To possess them, though, a large credit card: starting costs of these wonders are on average in the price range 5,000-10,000 euros.

The alternative? Be lucky enough to find munificent donors! After all, said Kahlil Gibran: there is a cheerful giver, and joy is his reward. And then, good joy at all.