Colorama Enamels – New Releases

Launches of Colorama Enamels in 2018

The Colorama Enamel Mark launched this year the Africa à Vista collection, which is made up of eight enamels, which are part of the Nutriverniz line.
Nowadays women use the glazes as an accessory to complete the look, and was thinking about it that Colorama has launched colors that are super trendy trends for the fall and winter of 2018.
In addition, Colorama sought inspiration for its station launches, direct in Africa, bringing colors that resemble earthy tones and African flowers.
The Colorama 2018 collection is very cheerful and worth buying each of them, if you count that the names are also super fun. Below is a short list with the name of each one:
Desert Flower-It’s a creamy, chewy pink glaze, super flashy, for women who want to raze.
Cipó-The Cipó in turn is a classic nude, half orange, discreet and different at the same time.
Banana-A creamy yellow super flashy, and with that name could not be different does it? With a few shades almost imperceptible to give charm, this is one of the most joyful enamels in the collection.

Root-Another enamel that also lives up to it! Super dark brown with same root color! It is a super chic glaze and perfect for all occasions.

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African Night-It is a dark blue enamel, with a very different and intense tone.

Endless Sea-It sure is the most different of the collection. Its color is a slightly bluish green, also known as ‘teal’. Beautiful and unmistakable.

Blue Horizon-Light blue and intense at the same time.The Blue Horizon is a creamy enamel with a super cute color.

Earth beat-Another brown, also very chic, but in turn with a lighter shade than the root.

The collection is very varied and cheerful, with the face of autumn winter 2018, the kind that appeals to all women.
Nothing has been released yet about the 2018 releases, but we know that Colorama glazes always follow the fashion trends, and what we expect for the summer of 2018 are vibrant colors like electric oranges, jade green, sharing space also with colors in tones pastels such as lilac and baby blue.

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