Computer City Closes 9 Department Stores and Turn into NetOnNet

The Swedish-owned electronics chain Computer City closes 9 Department stores in Denmark and lays off 96 employees. The last department store becomes a NetOnNet-inventory shop.

Elekronik chain Computer City shuts down for all activities in Denmark. 9 Department stores around Denmark closes, meaning that 96 employees today have been made redundant. Thus there will be only one hypermarket back located in Glostrup, but it will not remain under the name ComputetCity.

The nine stores will be shut down in the coming months, and no later than 31 December. January 2017 is expected trade house in Glostrup to be the only back in Denmark. Thus, it is the residents of Aalborg, Arhus, Esbjerg, Horsens, Lyngby, Næstved, Odense, Roskilde and Østerbro in Copenhagen, we must say goodbye to the local Computer City.

The electronics chain’s employees are covered by a collective agreement between the Danish Occupation employer and HP Trade, which ensured all 97 laid-off employees 15 days ‘ training with salaries in the notice period in order to quickly get them jobs again.

“It is always sad to negotiate severance terms, when jobs are closing. But it has been successful in HK Trading to get an agreement that ensures the terminated employees in relation to unplanned holiday, guidance, training, and other terms, “ says HP Commercial professional chef, Kim Jensen, in a press release.

The closure of the many Computer City stores comes on top of another great closure of electronics chain FONA. In the month of February had electronics chain needs a ‘time out’ and thus initiated a rekonstruering of the company in the maritime & commercial law.

As the weeks went by, it became clear that several shops had to close no matter what, and it ended with that undertaking Elkjøp Nordic took 10 of FONA stores, which since then has been to Elgiganten-department stores. Within half a year’s two big players thus disappeared from the Danish market.

Computer City will be to the webshop NetOnNet

The physical stores have for many years been hard pressed by the rise of online shopping, which has taken place. As a result, Computer City brand and concept also totally demolished in Denmark, which is to say in the remaining shop in Glostrup. Instead you must get used to the name NetOnNet.

NetOnNet is a Swedish webshop that is basically like any other Web store, but with the addition that there are physical storage shops, where you can pick up your self-service products, if you do not want them to be sent to you by mail. It may sound a little like POWER, but there is a significant difference.

In a NetOnNet-inventory shop, there are no products for exhibition, and find just the product in its packaging in the store and pay as normal at checkout.

Thus, the cost can be kept significantly lower down than with the current Computer City stores. That is why it is now foreseen that Computer City in Glostrup becomes a NetOnNet-inventory shop.

Whether you are trading your items from your phone, your computer or download them in a shop, warehouse prices NetOnNet and the Committee therefore be the same. NetOnNet will take over responsibility from guarantees, insurance, service manager, gift cards and loyalty cards with accumulated bonus points, which you may have from Computer City, does this sound on Computer city’s home page.