Countdown Started: Google Puts the Date at the Pixel Event

In two weeks it goes loose in San Francisco when Google, by all accounts, will present two new Pixel smartphones.

In a new campaign video takes Google search field, stretching it, and reformulates it as the outline of a smartphone. The video ends with a note that this will be the 4. October the company will introduce something new.

Thus, several months of rumors about two new Nexus devices from the search giant becoming a reality.

It says the rumors to believers, it is however not Nexus products we can expect about two weeks. Instead, Google’s Pixel-fire that expands, so in addition to cover laptops and tablets now also will be smartphones are brought together under the brand name.

HTC is behind

Leaked photos and reports indicate that Google has two units in the flower beds. The smaller the Pixel, with a 5 inch display and a larger Pixel XL with 5.5 display.

It is probably Taiwanese HTC, which will stand behind the production of both units, and the company’s know-how in veldrejede metal mobiles, will apparently find their way to the new phones.

Both phones are done with getting topspecifikationer, with a Snapdragon 820 quad-core as well as Google’s latest Android version, Android 7.0 Nougat.

It is reported, however, that Android will have a slightly different look than in previous Nexus phones, with a special launcher that provides increased functionality compared to pure Android.

In the teaser hintes there also that the search function will morphes into Pixel units – an embodiment of Google’s vision in search of smartphones.

Other news in store

The search giant is also expected to have something that presents to the press waited. Google Virtual Reality Headset, so far called ‘ Daydream ‘ will probably get his debut there, while Google’s combined speaker and Search Assistant ‘ Home ‘ probably also will get his salgstart.

Google advanced Chromebook, Pixel, has also been sent into retirement recently – a replacement works therefore also likely.

Smart TV dongle, Chromecast, is also expected to have a replacement which will support 4 k resolutions.

All this, and probably more, Google will be ready in two weeks. Follow therefore here at where Google News will be followed closely.