Deep Sea Fishing Tips

When the fish hunting in depth, a lipless crankbait dense often is the right solution.

The fishing power is considered to be a summer strategy for fishing of the borders, but nothing prevents to practice in depth.

The condition is to find aggressive fish that responds to provocative entertainment, which is the case in the fall.But the choice of the techniques is much more limited as soon as the depth becomes important: the deep sea fishing bait is the most employed by of fishing lures.

Versatile, it is operational regardless of the slope, even in steep areas. They are not however use it in crowded areas where the risk of losing a lure is too important.

Use dense lipless which flow very quickly and immediately resume contact with background on one release.

That is used for the borders are not suitable because they contain too much air. There are specific, full or heavily weighted body (20 to 35 g) models, which are perfect even in 15 m of water: Lucky Craft LV300N, River2sea Glassie Vib, Xprolure Max Vib, Yo-Zuri Livebait Vibe or Daiwa TD Vibration. These last two are especially intended for Pike, others are more versatile.

The fishing action is very similar to the handled death: we drop off, we let it go then we anime by pulled, release, contact with the bottom, etc. The attack is generally brutal and intervenes at the end of drawn. Perch, Pike, Zander and catfish are the main species are caught as well.

A bait casting with a long cane (2.10 m at least) is particularly suitable for this technique.