Deezer Arrives in Brazil and is a Great Choice for Music

The Deezer arrived in Brazil. If you have never heard about it, I explain: is a French service of streaming music which already has operations in several countries and is rapidly expanding. The service wants to go up against the Hi Rdio and other services such as GVT Power Music Club, Sonora and even Grooveshark.

The Deezer has three access plans. The Premium package allows you to listen to music only on the computer with 320 kbps bitrate at the cost of R $ 8.90 per month. Already the Premium + package costs R $ 14.90 per month and lets you listen to music on your computer, smartphone and tablet via Deezer application also allows you to save the music on your device to listen without spending your 3G data package.

However, the icing on the cake that should help the service to win new subscribers is the Discovery package, which is free, displays advertisements and after six months has restrictions on the number of songs that can be heard. In this plan, you can not listen to music on your phone or tablet.

What I see as the differential Deezer over competitors is the ability to listen to your own collection of MP3s in along with the music streaming. You can drag the file from your computer and it will go to your library within the service to listen from anywhere. The sad thing is that your music from iTunes will not work, since the service accepts only MP3 files. In this case, you need to convert the file so that everything works.

As a courtesy, Deezer gives you 15 days of free access plans Premium and Premium + for you to test the service. There Deezer applications for Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. In the desktop environment, access is made ​​only by the browser, and no applications for Windows, Mac or Linux.