Delicate Earrings by Allesesliebe by Milla K

So honestly, I hope the winter is soon behind us.Because enough is enough.Now everything from me can flourish and thrive.And snow will again be an issue for the opening of Christmas markets.To lure the spring and to persuade him to stay, you can use our jewelery of the week, beautiful earrings by aLLesausLiebe by milla k.

Jewelry for the spring of aLLesausLiebe by milla k.

Then we start with these beautiful earrings. And what do you notice immediately? Surely the bright, cheerful F arben. Not too pushy, but still so striking by their clarity, that you immediately get into them. The delicate coral tone of the rose blossoms lends the good mood. And the bright blue of the Chalcedon awakens the desire for holidays and the sea.
These elements capture the light and thus become more intense.Perfect for the first long walks in spring.In these earrings, you find a romantic vein, as you can see in many other pieces of jewelry from Lilla’s love by milla yes, they are only a part of the collection, which you can find by this designer on

The special in the jewelry of aLLesesLiebe

The jewelery of aLLesausLiebe by milla k. is the special composition of colors and elements. It was not for nothing that a warm coral tone and a somewhat cooler blue tone were combined with these earrings. Both colors influence each other in a very positive way and agree cheerfully. It looks a little playful and shows vintage effects. You can also wear these earrings on festive occasions, or whenever you feel like it.
In addition to coral and an aquamarine blue chalcedony, gilded sterling silver was used.The earrings have a total length of approx. 3 cm.They can be combined very well with filigree gold jewelery.Welcome the spring – with beautiful jewelery from!

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