Dell Notebook Has Reduced Price Because of Social Networks

Austin, Texas – Twenty-five thousand daily mentions (and the number continues to grow). Presence in countries that together add up to fourteen different languages. Line of products for the end consumer, corporate sector, government procurement and more. Being present on so many fronts, it’s no wonder that Dell IT multinational has set up a specific department to take care of interactions with customers and partners through social networks.

On Thursday (13) two Dell executives showed the our site how the tool developed internally by the company to monitor what is said about Dell and on Dell products in the various social networks and online communities. Few people have access to Social Net Advocacy (SNA) software that scans the Internet searching for references to products and services to build real – time, full reports on the reaction of the internets in relation to giant computers.

Raj Narang, the Marketing Decision Sciences department, explains that the SNA does the work dirty to evaluate every tweet, post on Facebook or online content to determine if the actor’s position leans towards the positive, negative or neutral. More interesting is the neutral evaluation, in which the user speaks well of an aspect, but also complains another. The Dell system evaluates the message content to reach this conclusion.

Since then, the company has the ability to make adjustments in your marketing with a view to consumer reaction to the ads. The SNA provides a range of time in which evaluates posts saved in the database, while allowing social media employees at Dell know what triggered that reaction.

For example, in late November it was found that negative reactions to ultrabook XPS 13rose no apparent reason. That same week Dell had announced an appliance model running Linux instead of the traditional Windows manufactured by Microsoft, an important partner in software. Well, the site Gizmodo published an article questioning why the price of the XPS 13 with free operating system was more expensive than the model with Windows. It makes no sense, according to the publication.

Well, Dell’s marketing team met to discuss the matter and to respond to consumers. Have chosen to reduce the amount charged to ultrabook – dropped 50 dollars, exactly the difference between the machine with Windows and Linux, which was enough to please customers. Once successfully resolved the crisis.

The SNA has a number of filters so that employees know exactly what issues are in vogue in online communities. In filtering notebooks, for example, gives to know specifically what are the comments on the tablet Latitude 10 shown in detail in the Dell World conference.

More than 380,000 posts were listed on the cover of SNA, software accessible through any browser provided it is connected to the Dell Network. Narang said that the team of social media and marketing can read the contents if you want or you can base the decision making in scores of each item in relation to the perception of users. “More than sense, we want to understand the context.” That is, part from the score and ranking as positive, negative or neutral to better understand what is going on in the minds of customers.

The next step for Dell is to unite the data from digital media to behavioral marketing. You know when the company looks at what you do to sell you that product that seems the most appropriate for your profile? Then something in this line will be developing in the future to end users and representatives of institutions are best served by the manufacturer of IT solutions. Or, according to the thinking of skeptics, Dell will have more information to push products to the consumer from the information he voluntarily play on the internet. The approach is up to you.

I learned that the SNA Server runs on the cloud Dell, so that remains scalable, regardless of the number of mentions of the brand. The engineers of the company use the concept of Big Data to align unstructured data digital media to structured information database, as the company’s divisions or product lines. SNA technology to determine 150 common attributes to Dell products. Not bad.

The Online Marketing Executive Director Dave Rish, points to the need to meet all these consumers talking about the Dell brand. Therefore, the team of social media is in place in several regions of the globe. In addition, Dell employees undergo training to learn how to respond in their private accounts of Twitter and Facebook, and other online communities, speaking on behalf of the company. Not all employees go through the course to answer for Dell. “But many of them know at least listen to what the consumer has to say on social networks.”

This SNA demonstrated during the Dell World event for our site is proprietary and must have cost some many thousands of dollars. Off Dell, other giant companies are betting strong on social media to engage with consumers and sell new items. It gives to highlight Nestle, Coca-Cola Red Bull as two major brands that know how to use one of these channels.

The reporter traveled to the United States Dell invitation.