Different Window Screen Types and Functions

Screens serve both to prevent the entry of insects in environments and to support the construction of robust structures. Know the characteristics of the products and take them home with captive conditions of payment from online shops.

Used for different functions as well as protect the insect environments and assist in the construction of slabs and other structures, the screens are found in different versions. We have separated some characteristics of models for you to make an accurate choice. Pencil and paper in hand? Write down everything and do not miss the opportunity to acquire the different types of screen by overwhelming prices.

Mosquito screen

Throughout the year, insects such as mosquitoes and gnats, insist on appearing in indoor environments, causing great nuisance. To avoid the presence of these unwelcome visitors, provide a mosquito screen on windows and doors. Just choose the model with the right size for your home. And remember to clean the product whenever necessary to prevent accumulation of dust. For this task, a good tip is to use the pressure washer to remove even the most stubborn dirt to be removed.

Steel screen

During the construction of slabs or pavements structures, it is essential to use the steel screens. Formed by hollow squares, these products receive the concrete and allow more robust and secure buildings. There are models with different sizes: 10 x 10 cm, 15 x 15 cm and 20 x 20 cm.

Siding screen

Made from polypropylene, the siding screens are sturdy and have a long service life. They are used in construction to form sidings – about separating the work of public space to ensure the safety of people.

Protective screens

The protective screens are essential for home with children or animals.

Fencing screens

The fencing screens are used to create spaces to create animals like chickens, or protect places like orchards, vegetable gardens.