Diy to the Dinner Round Tablecloth for Table

I love doing DIY for you, we’ve got some here on the blog and so far two on youtube, if you haven’t seen a lookhere, here, here and here these were the last. Today I will teach a pretty cool and that will leave your beautiful dining table: American game round.

I took this idea from a post I saw on blog Men of the House, in the post (which you can see here) he says there was no tablecloth and didn’t intend to be too frou-frou and there teaches you how to make a towel quite different and cool. It turns out that something else caught my attention at the table, the American game.Let’s say people unlike him I am well frou-frou right a girl thing. rs

That’s when I decided to make this American game round and yellow, is a free right? Then we go to the walkthrough.

Oh! Just one thing, I made and forgot to take picture of step by step, duh. But it is very easy and I’ll try to do a thorough explanation. Here at you can get more different models and styles.

That’s it, pretty simple. I haven’t used wire, I had a thinner PVC Panel and used it, it worked, I believe the wire also gives super right, but buy a thicker it gets in the way.

Now let’s cut the wire of the size you prefer and join both ends forming a circle, to measure I took my biggest plate and left a few centimeters. To join the two tips you can use a thinner wire, hot glue or even durex. In my used tape and gave super okay, just do not save.

The next step is to pass the line around the entire wire, you don’t have to use anything to paste the end of my line, just pass your own line through it, very easy. After all covered it’s time more complicadinha, we use the technique of the dreams, at least the beginning as well as:

Make a really close to each other, giving a space of 2 cm or a little more. We’re going to do until the third step.When you are equal in the image 3 you’ll start the braid, put in a hole and then another, and so to pass at all. I repeated several holes to be really full. But you can use other techniques, his own dream filter technique is cool.

There you go, that’s all, looks just like mine was:

Cool isn’t it? It is very easy to do, just takes a little time, but if you’re rustling as I will love to do   Now is just make the tablecloth as Edu taught and you will have a beautiful dining table, with customized towel and American game round.

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