Easy Hairstyles Style Tumblr

Network social Tumblr has become trendy, since through it shows “styles”, “fashion”, “tendencies” among the young and not so young. And something that stands out in these photos are styles casual hairdos that end up creating trend 

But, how to get those hairstyles?

Ask4beauty will show you here four different hairstyles, with the step by step to make it even easier.

Starting with typical mono, roete, jopo, or infinite names that has.We have to pick me up all the hair as if we were to make a high tail but just winding the hair circular. To make it more original, we can use a “queue” or “rubber” different, for example, those that simulate links. Is a question of taste, but if you stay one style more relaxed enough with rough us up a bit.

The braids never go out of fashion. It is something that are always present and, on this occasion, I show you how to make a braid using as other three braids. To do this, we do a braid the hair of the top half, and divide bottom half onto two parts make a braid to each of them. Finally, we use these three braids to make a.

An semi-mono or semi-recogido hair. The procedure is completely equal to the first style, but this time we do it with all the hair, but with the upper half, leaving the bottom half loose. In this case, we can leave bangs or include it within the monkey, all depends of our preferences!

Finally, a tail with three semi braids root. We start to make a braid of root from the hairline to Crown and then hold it with two forks. We have other two braids of root, one to each side, and return them to fasten with hairpins. Then we collect all the hair in a ponytail, removing the forks to make all collected well.

As you can see they are simple, quick hairstyles and allowing that we leave the routine and monotony. I hope you like them!!