Engagement Announcement Etiquette

According to tradition, before the wedding, there’s an engagement announcement usually done during a reception organized by the bride’s family.

During this event the boyfriend gives the engagement ring to his beloved, thereby making official the wedding vows. Even the girlfriend should reciprocate by donating a precious loved one (for example a gold watch).

Other gesture, certainly very appreciated in the past and more engaging for families, was asking for “the hand” of the beloved father of the bride.

Currently, the boyfriends leave out the traditions above to decide together the wedding date and inform the families. Again, it is good that the bride’s family to the groom’s family lunch invitations formally for a better knowledge, if not already taken place, and to seal the marriage vows.

During lunch, the engaged couple will have pride of place at the table and the time it will be a chance for a toast well wishes and the delivery of the engagement ring. Even the groom’s family will donate, on this occasion, an object of gold at future daughter-in-law.

In the case of parties or more formal receptions with other guests, the engagement will be announced by parents by sending the following invitation:

Maria and Antonio Rossi
are pleased to announce
the engagement of their daughter/or Beatrice
with Mr. Sam Baker
Rome, Via Italy, 44

Invitees respond with telegram greeting cards or flowers.

The classic engagement ring is the Solitaire or you can opt for the trilogy, consisting of three diamonds symbolize love past, present and future. You can however also choose a gemstone or donate even a family ring from thembaprograms.

Once the engagement party, the couple will have to visit all the relatives and, in theory, should not sleep under the same roof until the wedding day.

If it so happens that the engagement will break before you get to the altar, the ring should be returned, as well as all the other wedding gifts already received, with a note of apology.