Erazer X 7841/7843: New Gaming Notebook from Medion

Tablets are suitable only for casual gamers. Real gamers rely on a powerful gaming PC or a powerful gaming laptop. With the models X 7841 and X 7843 Medion IFA provides two Windows-10 copies from its erazer series.

Large and heavy

Both models bring handsome 3.2 kilograms and are 8 x 28, 7 centimeters, almost the size of a DIN A3 sheets with dimensions of approximately 41,. The height is very handsome for a gamer laptop with 34 millimetres compared to Ultrabooks, but go in order.

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Full-HD display

Double shows games on a 17.3-inch display (43.9 cm diagonal) in full HD with 1920 x 1080 pixels. A high viewing angles to ensure Medion IPS technology, on request, the displays for a latency-free gaming with NVIDIA G-sync technique work. It will cost but an additional cost as much, is currently unclear.

Skylake-CPU Intel as an engine

The processor provides the necessary steam for elaborate games like GTA 5 in both devices core i7 6700HQ from Intel’s also on the featured IFA Skylake series. The unit has four cores working in standard mode with up to 2.6 ghz. Via turbo boost technology works a single core with up to 3.5 ghz. Generously: The processor is a up to 32 gigabytes big memory for the page.

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NVIDIA’s Maxwell chips for image reproduction

But, the CPU alone makes for a smooth game still not. For this, a separate graphics chip with lots of power is necessary. In the erazer X 7841 provides the model geforce GTX 970M from NVIDIA’s upper middle class for image reproduction, in the erazer X 7843 GTX top model 980M. Both graphics chips come from the current series of Maxwell and already understand directx 12 important for upcoming and appropriately programmed games. The Microsoft interface promises more effects and a more efficient use of hardware, such as graphics chips and processors in directx 12 games.

Memory full

Depending on the trim level, gamers save their games either on one of the two disks that together offer 3,000 gigabytes (GB) of memory (1 x 1.000 GB plus 1 x 2,000 gigabytes). Also are up to two ssds in the m. 2 each 512 gigabyte card format memory in the new gaming notebooks sit.

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Erazer X 7843 Special Edition

IFA Medion also shows a special edition of the erazer X 7843. Unlike the standard version: which serves as a drive over every bare Skylake-CPU core i7-6820HK. The core Quartet working in standard mode with 2.7 ghz via Turbo with 3.7 ghz. Performance not enough who the overclocked the CPU on request with free multiplier for a higher work rate even further.

Availability and rates

Medion want 2015 start selling all models in the fourth quarter. The erazer X 7841 should then 1,499 euros be available, launching 7843 X 1,699 euros and the Special Edition of the X 7843 2.699 euros.

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