Ermanno Scervino Fashion Show

Ermanno Scervino was awarded in Russia of a prestigious prize: the designer Italian, in fact, was handed the World Fashion Awards 2012, an award for her style, her class, her beautiful garments and its original accessories, which every year brings to the catwalk with collections that adorn our wardrobe to look extraordinary. A truly prestigious recognition for a fashion label, strictly Made in Italy, among the most popular in the world as it seems, especially like in Russia!

Back from the beautiful fashion show fall-winter 2012/2013 of Milano Moda Donna, Ermanno Scervino now will stage its Womenswear collections on a prestigious stage, participating in World Fashion Awards, where not only will pull its garments and its accessories, but will also receive the highest recognition.

Ermanno Scervino is the only Italian designer to receive this coveted award, an award that is awarded annually by the to all those international designers who have distinguished themselves with their beautiful creations of fashion. There are also prizes for the directors of international publications as well as critics and entrepreneurs who, in the field of fashion, were able to bring innovation and creativity, dictating the trends of world fashion and luxury.

In short, a much coveted recognition, which this year was entrusted into the hands of the great Italian fashion designer Ermanno Scervino, in a ceremony staged at Radisson, Moscow, on the evening of April 25. For the well-known fashion brand, these days in the boutique with his women’s collection spring-summer 2012, another award that pays tribute to his tireless work, his innate creativity fashion and the strong contribution that gives to the fashion world, carrying around the world a good example of how the Made in Italy can win overseas.

Ermanno Scervino was the guest of honour of the evening and he cheered the large parterre of star and insiders with a parade that has staged its women’s fashion collections. At the end of the presentation, then, Italian fashion designer has received from the hands of the Italian Ambassador in Russia, Antonio Zanardi Landi, the prestigious award, awarded “to have spread Italian fashion in Russia”, with great success, by exporting irresistible style that has no equal in the world!

“I am honored to receive an international award of such importance. Thank you World Fashion Channel for bringing assigned and letting me stay in this city which from the beginning has always welcomed with warm consensus”was the comment of the fashion designer to receive his prize:”Moscow is a town that gets you right away from day one for energy and changing changes that are positive signs of a future continuous development”.