Facebook Has Paid $ 40,000 to Bug Hunters

In late July the Facebook did what many web companies that do not want to go after the own bugs already do for some time: opened a rewards program. Hackers, researchers security and anyone in general could send their fault discovered on the network in exchange for a few greenbacks. And this week the company announced that it has disbursed a fat value for all of them.

In total the social network has disbursed more than $ 40,000 since the opening of the program, although not all rewards have the same value. According to Facebook, a researcher sent a report failure so specific and so detailed that won ten times the minimum amount paid for vulnerability of US $ 500. Another has sent six different vulnerabilities found and received US $ 7,000 from company coffers.

Of that number you can conclude one of two things: either the Facebook even has a huge audience and so hackers are always finding new vulnerabilities to be exploited or its programmers make codes with more holes than a Swiss cheese. I’ll give the benefit of doubt and bet that the former is more likely.