Facebook is Valued at $ 70 Billion

An investment fund called GVS said on Monday that disbursed $ 6.58 million for a small package of 225,000 shares of the social network Facebook, valued at US $ 29.28 a unidade. Considerando that information obtained in the market secondary give account that the site of Mark Zuckerberg has 2.4 billion roles in your inventory, the site would be assessed in healthy US $ 70 billion (R $ 111.6 billion, or 2.33 Eikes Baptists, according to Institute data our site of Economic Sciences).

In March 2010 a company called VCExperts had valued the site at $ 35 billion, and in January of the same year another company, Second Market, had stipulated that the site was worth “only” $ 14 billion.

Just as a way of comparison, data collected in Wolfram Alpha shows that the site is still behind some giants of the tech world, such as Google ($ 155 billion), Apple (US $ 87.45 billion) and HP (US $ 72, 55 billion). But social networking is already assessed by a value greater than giants from other industries, such as automotive Ford ($ 51 billion) or Nike ($ 38 billion), for example.

Although Facebook still be a private company, some of its executives say it is “inevitable” that the company open its capital “in the future”, without risking giving any date.