Facebook Launches Zero, Lightweight Version for Smartphones

Following a logic inaugurated a few years ago by some famous brands of soda, the Facebook is preparing an even lighter version than your current Lite, Zero.

Developed specifically for smartphone users who have limited data plans or are in areas with low connectivity, version gives up images and other sophisticated features in the name of simplicity, saving valuable data transmission kbytes and providing minor headaches time to check for updates from your contacts.

Already Lite, despite being lighter than its original version, was developed for computers, and can not be considered just “economic” is accessed from a smartphone. So Facebook now has its default page, Lite, Mobile and Zero, and specific apps for iPhone and Android.

The social network says that its 100 million of its impressive 400 million users usually access their pages from mobile devices at least once a month.

Those who want to do a test drive, your address is zero.facebook.com. [BBC]