Facebook Saddle Agreement on Privacy with US Government

After a long period of internal discussion, which was widely reported by the media in the United States, the Facebook and the Federal Trade Commisio n (Federal Trade Commission, FTC) sealed an agreement regulating some of the conditions that Facebook continues to operate as a social network that we know. The most important terms of the aims of the biennial audit practices privacy site.

This means that, every two years, auditors have access to documents and the system behind the Facebook to find out whether the company is really fulfilling his word when he says that protects Internet users privacy that uses social networking as away to relate with friends, family and businesses with web presence.

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The Mark Zuckerberg, founder and current CEO of Facebook, published a lengthy article which talks about the successes and mistakes of Facebook over the years of existence. Zuckerberg says that there were errors in recent times, but they can not put aside the history of respect for privacy and the user. He says he is personally committed to the privacy, and welcomes the agreement with the FTC to reach this purpose.

In addition to the biennial audits for the next 20 years, Facebook can not keep user data after 30 days of account closure. If they do, the company will have to pay a fine of $ 16,000 per violation per day, until the problem is resolved. It may seem a lot, but it is worth remembering that the social network plans for 2012 to achieve an IPO (public offering) at US $ 100 billion. We’re talking about very high numbers all the time.

Another term of the agreement with the US government predicts that Facebook makes every change in your optional site. That is, the user would have to actively agree to see new operating resources. The decision applies to what is in the site design offices and to what Facebook did not even have any idea what will come up. Thus, the trend is that users are better protected.

Several complaints addressed by the FTC to Facebook relate to old episodes of more than two years ago. The CEO’s website says it clearly in his defense of the interests of Facebook. And also it states that they were all resolved promptly – the FTC fell further explanation.

Zuckerberg says Facebook made ​​some mistakes, but it has continued hitting two years ago. The latest release of the company in terms of privacy of user data is the new control that allows you to define which user groups will see every single update published on the social network. In this respect, I have to agree with him: finally we have full control of what we share.

I recommend reading the article defending Zuckerberg Facebook and commenting on the agreement with the FTC. It seems that users are actually more secure future mood swings in the administration of social network. Even the CEO of the appointed privacy officers, who take positions related to products and services, again in order to protect privacy as desired.