Famous Fashion Blogger in the World

Unsurprisingly for anyone to be blogger fashion turned profession. They are winning the media and are increasingly required on many different events, is mistaken who thinks that they are called only for fashion events. Even in cell release the damned are present and most of the time charge for it.

Profits of them are not only paychecks for attendance at events, they gain more goods and products, travel and many other treats brands of beauty and fashion, after all they are super influential and have many followers on social networks. If they say the brand is good and brand B is bad, your followers will direct the brand A.

The top of bloggers, certainly, is Camila Coutinho. Your blog has entered to the ranking of the most influential in the world ranking fifth. It receives various invitations from to watch “cabin” the country ‘s fashion shows up to meet international designers.

When she started the blog for almost 10 years ago, there was still this fashion so hard to make blog, she even created the Stupid Girls with the idea of ​​getting rich, she just wanted to have a place to expose your opinion.

The Lalá Noleto differs from other bloggers because it not only gives fashion tips in her blog she talks about various subjects. She writes for magazines and is one of the most sought bloggers in Brazil. The business was so successful for her that his profession of lawyer was in the air and today she lives the Iamaccepted.

Lala Rudge may be treated as a princess. Rich, comes from a good family, dresses well and beautiful, discreetly, speaking other languages, everything that every girl would like to be. Your blog is Lala Maria, as she writes with her sister Mary Rudge.

If marriage had media coverage, Hollywood celebrity worthy. But their tips are not for any … your blog is about luxury fashion and if you want to dress like her, will have to shell out a good quick buck.

Lia Camargo follows a more serious line, it has the Just Lia and he has very important tips for those who want to dress up in a simple and elegant way. It also gives some tips on technology and writes for over 10 years, super knowledgeable in the field.

His background has everything to do with this kind of work since she graduated in Social Communication. His blog was in the 100 most influential in the world.

Thássia Naves close our fashion bloggers list. It has been considered one of the most influential international magazines world and gives beauty and fashion tips for very important sites.

She was one of the bloggers who conceived the union and your blog has partnerships with international brands. His background in Advertising has everything to do with the current job.