Fashion Tips according to Body Type

Apple or Oval Body

This is one of the easiest to distinguish silhouettes; the apple or oval body features:

  • Rounded shoulders.
  • Big breasts.
  • Wide waist and not defined.
  • Big hips.

In this kind of legs silhouettes can be thin or not, but the fat is concentrated mostly in the abdomen to form belly. If account with this type of body must stay in your ideal weight, because the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area increases the risk of suffering heart problems and diseases such as diabetes. Some of the famous with this body are Queen Latifah or Adele.

The secret in choosing clothes for this body type is choose pieces that hide the belly; so it is recommended to avoid tight clothing and seat belts or parts that mark the waist, opting for pieces of your size and that they are a little loose in the abdominal area. The large prints should come out of your closet because they increase the volume; Instead you prefer monochromatic tones or small prints, as well as shirts, blouses and dresses with cut in V that are loose in the abdominal area.

The skirts and pants straight favor this type of bodies helping to balance them, as well as the necklaces can also focus eyes on upper body rather than in the stomach.

Rectangular Body

The rectangular bodies are the opposite to the hourglass, characterized by her lack of curves. These silhouettes stand out for having:

  • Shoulders and hips of similar width.
  • Waist straight or very little set.

Some famous with this body are Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz or Nicole Kidman. These silhouettes are to avoid pieces of straight cut that accentuates the lack of waist; Instead, you should use thick belts in this area to pronounce it a little more, as well as prints well used can create curves that naturally do not have. So are recommended horizontal stripes diagonally and the medium sized prints.

In turn, the dresses with marked waist look good in these figures; Moreover, it is a body that looks good with frills and layers in the upper zone, helping to create a sense of curves that look very good. The V-necklines are also recommended, while skinny pants with hip cut help to encourage these silhouettes.

Hourglass Body

This is one of the more curvaceous silhouettes that can be found; the hourglass body has the following characteristics:

  • Hips and shoulders with a similar proportional width.
  • Defined waist.
  • Curvy body.

In this type of silhouette stands out the proportions and curves, which are present regardless of weight. Some famous with this silhouette are Sofia Vergara, Kim Kardashian or Eva Longoria.

If you have hourglass body is recommended to avoid the pants and skirts cut on hips, which make this area more prominent, losing its proportion. The skirts and dresses or pleated and wheeled oversize clothes are not suitable for your silhouette, because much more let you bulky than it actually is. Promote you to the waist pants, skirts and dresses pencil type adjusted at the waist and cut into the.