Find The Perfect Pillow for You

Nbelievable but true: On average, we spend a third of our lives on the pillow.With the help of online tools “My Life Asleep” can calculate namely, how many days, hours and even minutes our life we have “slept”.

Restful sleep, however, depends on many different factors. You want to sleep better and wake up radiantly beautiful? The right pillow can help!

Hard, soft or Malleable: The Perfect Pillow For Every Sleeping Position

“Petit Meunier”, a French company that manufactures pillows, explains the pillow purchase two factors crucial: your individual sleeping position and anatomy.

1. Satin Pillows:

Flat, satin pillows are good for stomach sleepers, says They protect the upper back and ensure that the neck and spine are relieved. Soft Pillows are also ideal for you if you’re not grown quite as big.

2. A moldable Pillows:

Especially side sleepers benefit from this pillow shape as it supports your neck, head and shoulders at the same time is soft. With this cushion variant, it is not a problem easily foist hand, without changing the shape of the pillow.

3. Fixed Pillow:

Back sleepers, beware: Fixed, flat pillows can help you sleep better by supporting the upper body. This cushion shape is also perfect for tall people.

Top Tip:

To prevent premature aging, it is advisable to regularly sleep on their backs. However if you are suffering from sleep apnea or similar complaints, we advise you to consult your doctor even when you buy a pillow and for the correct sleeping position.