First Images of CyanogenMod 7 Running on The HP Touchpad

The abandonment of WebOS by HP it caused, in addition to a dramatic drop in the price of the Touchpad, a few developers tipping with the HP tablet and take Android to this device. As you know these communities they work really fast and in a matter of a week, we can see the first results.

Dalingrin, a developer of RootzWiki is working on CyanogenMod Touchpad and has already released a video to make us an idea of how that will work. For the time being remains a lot that do and there are some bugs compatibility but it should not be forgotten that this is not more than a proof of concept to show that it works.

If you have been lucky enough to be able to buy a Touchpad do not miss you the view of this project because it looks good. For the time being the ROM is not available and it will play us to wait for dalingrin to complete a stable version which can be used without complications.

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