Fishing Hazards

As an outdoor pastime is a great way to reduce day-to-day anxiety, however, failure to comply with some basic safety rules often compromise a well-spent day.There are regular reports of accidents, many of which can be avoided if safety rules are adopted.
A great number of accidents are due to the fact that the fisherman neglects its safety to the detriment of the fishery, they choose unsafe places that know to have fish, this negligence has victimized some fishermen with some experience.

The Fishing Boat.

Sudden change in weather conditions may cause a fishery to end, check whether the site allows a safe and quick exit in case conditions change. Tides and wind can be real surprises for a less experienced fisherman.Set escape escapes in advance from the premises.

In night fishing, the fisherman often loses the notion of the height of the place, never lose consciousness of the difference between the place and the water, use objects of separation that avoid the loss of perception.

If fishing is nocturnal, make sure you have enough lighting.

When fishing in rivers and reservoirs, make sure the site is not prone to landslides.

Always check for nearby HIGH VOLTAGE lines, the neglect of this factor has produced some accidents with experienced fishermen.

Make sure the launches and fishing do not affect nearby people or objects.

The Clothing

It is essential that clothing provides protection to the fisherman, not only from the cold, but also from small accidents.

Wear non-slip shoes, there are shoes for fishing if the fishing is slippery this fact is of special importance;

Avoid wearing clothing where fishing gear is likely to catch on Livingstontrending;

Wear glasses and a hat (avoiding the possibility of accidents with hooks getting caught in the eyes or face);

Wear light clothing if you accidentally fall into the water, do not interfere with the need to swim.

Meteorological Conditions

Never fish during thunderstorms.

Check that the ripple does not endanger you (sea shaking may change)

Check that the rise of the tide does not leave it without possibility of leakage.

Material Recovery

Many accidents are due to attempts to recover material that has been trapped, do not endanger your physical integrity to recover a hook. Carry material that allows loss, cut the line if necessary.

Dangerous Fish

Some fish can have direct and painful consequences, try to know the ways to deal with the most dangerous species , a small spider fish can transform your day of leisure into a day of agony.


The most common accident is triggered by the launch or recovery, the hooks get stuck in the fingers, the arms, the legs, never lose the notion that although the danger is reduced is uncomfortable and sometimes painful a hook in a finger or an arm, It is often observed that the notion of the surrounding space is lost, creating bigger accidents (falls of rocks, etc.)

Most of these accidents can be avoided if we do not leave common sense aside, fish safely and have fun


A day of fishing without sun protection can make the following days a torment. Care must be taken in relation to exposure. Onboard fishing, in which the solar reflection in the water is high, requires in itself an even greater care. Wear clothing with a high light body cover, use sunscreen with high protection factors, put on the protector throughout the day, wear sunglasses, do not forget the cap or fisher hat. On high temperature days, consume plenty of fluids, avoid liquids with high sugar content.