Follow Facts on Snap Chat and Get Free Items

In a new initiative will give out Facts 12,000 moving boxes with groceries to young people who have moved away from home-it’s all done over Snap chat.

Marketing is today much more than advertising on television, radio or print media, and we are seeing increasingly companies try themselves on the use of social media, in order to be able to reach out to even more-especially the young segment.

This strategy has now also taken to heart the facts and they will, with a new approach give 12,000 young people who are moved from home, a move the box of free goods in their local facts-shop, so if you follow them on Snap chat.

Here, Facts for share a code, which you then can key in on their website to get an SMS-authentication, if you show it in the box in your local Facts, gives you a small crate with a range of groceries.

It is a really smart strategy to make use of a medium like Snap chat, since it is a very large number of young people’s favorite social platform, and therefore has the potential to reach the really wide out.

Just the last one is also what Facts of course have in mind, and to the Marketing Manager, Heidi tells Ritzau Kessler: “there are two aims with this. Firstly, we would like to help the young people to get a sensible consumption from the moment they are flown from the nest and moved for themselves. Secondly, we would like to test the Snap chat as a way to communicate with this audience , ”

Facts thus hope that the young people will continue to follow them on Snap chat, also after the campaign with the free items are ending, and thus have the possibility of continuing to send “advertisement-snaps” out.

In the first instance you should therefore find them on Snap chat, after which you can redeem your free box of items. This includes products from, among other things. Colgate, Kim, Nivea, Ajax and many more and with a value of 125 kroner.