French President Says That “the Web is Not a Parallel Universe”

In his speech during the opening of the meeting of G8 countries in Paris, France, President Nicolas Sarkozy raised some questions regarding the neutrality of the web and the impact of the network on the production of copyrighted content.

When asked by an American journalist accept sign a treaty pledging “not to hurt the Internet,” the French president said that “global revolution we are seeing is peaceful and does not happen on the battlefield, but in universities “I told an audience that was composed by famous names from the world of technology, such as Erich Schmidt (former CEO Google), Jimmy Wales (guru-founder of Wikipedia) and Mark Zuckerberg (from Facebook).

“But this world you represent is not a parallel universe where legal and moral rules that govern our democratic society do not apply,” he added.”From the moment that the Internet has become an everyday part of life for most people, it would be a contradiction to keep governments away from this huge forum,” he said, ending arguing that “controls on illegal activities in the network could never be considered prejudicial”.

Since 2009 France has in place one of the laws anti piracy stricter in Europe, where the sailors have their drive in constantly moderate network, in search of users who download illegal files of copyrighted content.