GChat Let Gmail More “Social”

Rumor raised by the Wall Street Journal points out that Google is preparing an update to its service GChat messages found with the simple name of “Chat” in the company’s sites like Gmail, Orkut, or iGoogle, for example.

Yet unnamed, the novelty put the messenger in a way more “social” to save the status updates of its users and organize them in a timeline example of what makes Twitter. It is for the navigator to choose the contacts you would like to follow the new feature, which will also be compatible with YouTube and Picasa.

The launch of the new tool should happen today and do not be surprised if your deployment happen gradually, as usual there to the sides of Google.

Although some critics consider that Google is coming too late in this market, at least the numbers are favorable to the web giant: as Gmail and Orkut have respectively 180 and 100 million users worldwide, Twitter has “only “60 million fans.

Come back soon.