Gigaset L410 in the Test

Hands-free chat is also at home. Gigaset wants to shake with a hands free clip the market. Revolution or gimmick?

Since you’re just cooking in the Pan, it sizzles and you could use even a third hand. And then even the phone rings. Either ignoring it now or you will answer the call, put the phone in the time-honoured manner between shoulder and ear or activate the speakerphone. Another possibility opened Gigaset with the L410 – a DECT handsfree clip that will revolutionize communication at home.

Differences in quality in the hands-free

But first back to the good old hands-free kit. That is even more meaningful than for the mobile phone in principle for the cordless phone, because often you let just at home have family members in the discussion part. Or at the same time do House work, where here a headset would be rather annoying.

Therefore a speakerphone is standard nowadays for cordless DECT phones long ago. But with huge differences. This already starts with the design of the handset: you can park up some models, benefiting most significantly the sound quality with the hands-free – you can put other models only in the horizontal plane.

The acoustic design on the inside of the handset, in turn, it’s quality and engineering achievement. So is the sensitivity of the microphone by crucial. At many cheap DECTs of interlocutors understands only then something when you have the handset in the 30 cm distance in front of the mouth, often you must shout, so that the phone ever transmit something.

The so-called sound scale with the hands-free is important. You unlock, always the voice channel for the transmitter and receiver depending on who all sends. Immature tone scales, one must fall is hardly in the word and must comply almost radio discipline, such as in the Walkie-Talkie.

Also this is usually more a problem of lower DECTs. High-quality DECTs like the Gigaset C610, against which we measured the L410 in the Publisher’s own laboratory TestFactory, have fairly good kits that almost have full duplex and sound reasonably well.

The sadly probably always still most widely used method for hands-free calling is “Phone between ear and shoulder”-clamp a method. Who practiced it only for a short time, has often been tension in the neck. Who uses this method daily and for extended periods, risking even permanent damage.

Gigaset handsfree clip

Well five years ago Nicholas Ord, Senior Vice President for strategy & innovation at Gigaset had far the vision of the hands-free from the actual phone. Five years and countless studies, futuristic drawings, some adventurous concepts and prototypes later dares Gigaset now cover and presents its DECT-handsfree-clip with the L410 for just under 50 euros.

And the falls purely visually only times significantly behind expectations and also the prototype of the last years: Gigaset internally sometimes termed “Brooch”, presents the square part made of plastic with galvanised loud-quiet button just again as a rather technical device rather than a charming accessory. And the impression continues in operation: once the miniature plug of the lithium ion battery pack must be gefrickelt in the Jack – also disappears the lightness of accessories.

But should follow the form of the function, is the question of whether and how the L410 is doing what he was built. First, the hands free clip as another GAP handset of cord Los phone behaves. And that means that it is doesn’t matter with which cordless phone which manufacturer to operate the L410.

Subsciption to start the single book sequence at the base and press the handset button of the L410 some seconds. It already was. A call comes in now, you can take the on the phone – jammed one L410 to the breast or trouser pocket if necessary, press the receiver button and the conversation is already applied.

Wants to build a conversation, choose first on the phone, decreases, and then press the off key on the handsfree clip. The returning of the conversation from the clip to the handset works only with some a few devices from the Gigaset middle class, such as the Gigaset C610.

Is of course also a charger in the package of the L410, provides the power for about five hours of talk time. L410 supports the full eco mode to reduce radiation in the base.

And what sounds like the L410? Surprisingly well, as demonstrate practice test and measurement values, regardless of whether he hangs on the breast or trouser pocket. Send towards the sound reaches the level of the handset speakerphone, and that even if the clip to your pocket and thus at a considerable distance from the mouth is worn.

The spoken word is in this case the conversation partner strangely enough even louder, as if the L410 to the chest pocket is attached. Here is clear that Gigaset has long experiments and research. Multiple MICS and signal processors provide good sound and an omnidirectional polar pattern. A pity that HDSP, so is not possible wide band voice, with the L410.

So, not a revolution, but for all people who like and often and easily want to acquit a sensible investment may is the L410-safe.