Gigaset ME Pure, ME, ME Pro: Smart Phones From The Network Specialist

All three Gigasets placed into a sturdy bag. The frame is made of metal, and in the case of ME and front and back with Gorilla glass shine ME Pro. The ME is pure, however, with polished aluminum but the cheapest of the three is slightly more robust. All protect your data by using a fingerprint sensor. The design of the ME series uses design elements of other manufacturers: remember the holes on the ground on an iphone, the back is similar to the 7 mate and also the slightly curved design may come in turn from an iphone 6. The ME equipment are all in all but clearly from other devices to distinguish.

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Technology: Gigaset ME pure, ME, ME Pro

The first Gigaset smartphones make a good impression on the paper. Qualcomm was able to deliver the processors: the ME pure with a weaker, but still adequate Snapdragon 615 processor and 2 GB memory comes from, the ME and the ME Pro with 3 GB and a Snapdragon 810. However, it has problems, because on the one hand there is the latest generation of faster processors, on the other hand is 810 for his enormous waste heat known. That led the oneplus 2 of excessive throttle and speed loss. The fairly bright screen raises pure in the ME and the ME on a diagonal of 5 inches in full HD on what is perfectly adequate for this size. The ME Pro enlarges the screen at 5.5 inches at the same resolution. The ME pure must come from memory with 16 GB, here you need most likely more, and so pushing a simple microsd one but then waive the dual SIM capability. Also the ME and the ME Pro use either two SIM cards or a SIM card and microsd card. But since both 32 GB internal memory, one relies not so much on the memory card. For on the go surfing speeds up to 300 Mbps (CAT 6) over LTE available are (ME pure only 150 Mbps in cat 4). In home network, the Gigaset use also the fast ac Wi-Fi. There are also the usual GPS, Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC radio interface.

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Gigaset phone veteran brings new smartphones on the market. At the IFA 2015 COMPUTER has looked at more accurately image the Gigaset ME. New smartphone from primeval: Gigaset ME check

Camera and battery

Camera professionals contact the ME (16 Megapixel) and the ME Pro (20MP), because both have an optical image stabilizer. 13 megapixels can convince even the ME pure. Like many manufacturers, you can supply also Gigaset Sony camera chips. In contrast to the Gros, Gigaset has the camera settings in the ME but good to handle. Images appears in the first test even in the dark light and color-neutral. Only the overall sharpness was somewhat weak and details were only average clearly visible. Overall, the newcomer Gigaset seems to deliver pictures but at least as good as many of the known manufacturers. The front camera dissolves all three models with 8 MP and sufficient for better Selfies. The battery almost depending on the model either 3.320 mah (ME pure), 3,000 mah (ME) or 4000 mah (ME Pro). That should make for at least 9 hours of battery life, pure in the case of ME might even 12 hours of real operation possible.

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Gigaset differentiates itself through a few functions from other manufacturers: the two more expensive models in addition to a UV sensor, IR Transmitter, and heart rate monitor also a speaker come up with needed no openings. In addition, all three have a fingerprint sensor, a charging port with USB type C connector and are nimh.

Assessment and prices

The first impression of the devices was good. They are solidly built, in case of ME, also the camera was already at a high level and the built-in functions make sense all of them. Whether the price of €349 for the ME pure, 469 euros for the ME and 549 euro for the ME Pro is justified, we will still test the series models.