Glove Spotting 16/17 Episode 1

Approaching the 2017 and return with force with gloves posts to sections star, one of which further support our particular GLOVE SPOTTINGhad always. And what better way that take a look at gatekeepers of our leagues and competitions like the Copa del Rey, where goalkeepers with less prominence show us its novelties. With all of you, back, our GLOVE SPOTTING!!

Sergio Alvarez (Celtic)-Rinat Asimetrik 2.0

The Celta de Vigo Galicia goalkeeper has lost presence in favour of Rubén Blanco, another celestial youth squad. However, Sergio good still in use in their hands Rinat, a mark that remains true for quite a few years. Here it’s premiering the new colorway of the Asimetrik 2D, with blue, white and gray tones that phenomenal feel you to this slap from Mexico.

Manolo Reina (Gimnastic)-Rg Snaga White

Other returning to competition was the gatekeeper of Gimnastic de Tarragona, Manolo Reina, who returned in copera competition to carry the cuff of captain for his team after his injury. Queen is a sure value for the Cypriot brand RG, which relies for several seasons, and here we see it glittery glove Snaga White, a very elegant classic in full white limited edition. Beautiful.

ISAAC BECERRA (VALLADOLID) – Hexagon Contact Goalkeepers.Es

The second rung of our football is a real goldmine for the “spots”, here we have an example, an old acquaintance of this section as it is Isaac Becerra. The ex-guardameta of the Girona, remains true to The brand from Barcelona spoils their goalkeeper star, making it reach new developments in its range of gloves, which you can see analysed inside out by our compilation of Crazy goal, which took the opportunity to try.


It is not a novelty that the Galician goal continue to use New Balance in his hands, is the face of the brand as far as Spanish Goalkeepers are concerned. But what it really draws our attention, is that you use in the Copa del Rey few days ago, a colorway of the Furon Destroy, from last season. The less curious, do not know if it is for convenience, superstition… etc. What if it is clear is that it uses its protections in the fingers as usual in a SMU model customized to their tastes.

Diego Barrios (Leganés)-Elite Black Royal

They have to be very happy in the Elite brand, since its brand continues to strides in the fierce market of gloves, and because we also saw the debut of another Porter sponsored by the brand in the highest category of Spanish football. Diego Barrios, goalkeeper of the subsidiary pepinero, debuted after the expulsion of Herrerín against the Eibar, with Black Real model in your hands, as you can see in the image. Diego congratulations!

Yoel Rodríguez (Eibar)-Ho Ikarus

We finished our review with a porter who has always been linked with HO Soccer. Talk about other gallego, Yoel, the former goalkeeper of Valencia, Celta, etc. to not use in all these years the TOP models of the Spanish brand. With the banishment of the Ghotta and the arrival of the so promising Ikarus, current goalkeeper of the joint dealer has already premiered their new weapons, specifically the Roll-Negative model, as used in its previous Ghotta.

And with this Glove Spotting we leave until 2017, in which we will continue abreast of updates to professional goalkeepers. Greetings, always with gloves.