Google Adds Features in the Play Music Through Labs

Labs is a set of new features in the trial phase Google. Available in some services, such as Gmail, the functionality can later be made ​​available to all users or disappear without a trace. Three new features appeared in Play Music, Google music store that also functions as a backup in the cloud of his songs.

The first innovation, available through some third-party extensions are notifications on the desktop. With the feature enabled, Chrome will display a window in the corner of the screen informing the album (including the cover art), artist and song name that is playing. There is also the possibility of classifying a one to five stars music, a nice upgrade from the original system, allowing only like or hate a song.

Further contributing to the death of the plugin Adobe, one of the Play Music experiments replaces the audio player in Flash for a developed with HTML5. The new player works only on Google Chrome, Safari 3.1 or higher and Internet Explorer 9. Mozilla Firefox is not supported due to restrictions generated by the MP3 audio stored on Google servers, a proprietary format.

To enable the new features, simply access your account Google Play Music, click the gear in the upper right corner of the screen and enter the Music menu labs. Have a good time.