Google Also Likes Smart Watches

The technology to carry on, that is the field in which many (large and small) are working, and in the case of Googleimportantly, as we are demonstrating with Project Glass.

The next thing they seem to have in the kitchen oven of the Googleplex is a smart clock.

So we tell from, Google could also enter the game of smartwatch. An interesting note of the information is that it would not be conceived by the X Lab guys, those of the glasses, but directly by the department in charge of Android.

That is related to Android, makes us think that would have the extended mobile operating system, and also makes us see it as a less experimental and more viable project. As expected, Google does not comment on it.

The source of the news does not relate in any way to the product that Samsung is working on its own , it seems that it would be a project in which Google would not need a travel companion to get it forward, as with phones and tablets.

Looking for a bit between patents, it is found that in 2011 Google got the record of a document that describes a smart clock with flip-up and touch screen. It is also interesting to introduce the purchase of Motorola in this matter, company that already has in its catalog an Android product likeMotoACTV.

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