Google and Facebook Will Build The Submarine Cable Faster Than The Pacific: 120 Tbps

It is curious as the cloud data are possible thanks to some cables that are at the bottom of the ocean, a solution that is growing impressively since increasingly require more bandwidth and higher speed.

To today has more than 1,000 million meters of underwater cable on our planet, but this is not enough, that is why we have already seen projects like tide, where Microsoft and Facebook have allied to install a cable that will cross the Atlantic between Virginia Beach and Bilbao, and today a new project where Facebook is involved but now with Google , with the idea of now lay a cable in the Pacific, which will be the fastest in the region.

Los Angeles to Hong Kong

Pacific Light Data Communication, who is subsidiary China Soft Power Technology, is a new player in the field of installation of submarine cables, and they will be responsible for to start this project, which is estimated will cost of $ 400 million, which is scheduled to come into operation during the 2018.

The cable will have a length of 12,800 kilometers and a speed of up to 120 Tbps, this through five pairs of fiber capable of providing a bandwidth of up to 24 Tbps. The cable will connect to Los Angeles with Hong Kong becoming in the of with higher capacity and speed of the Pacific Ocean, a record that now belongs to Google with their FASTER cable.

The idea of distributing its capacity in five pairs of fiber is for other companies, who are involved in investment, have their own portion of cable maintain its private traffic.

This new cable stays below the 160 Tbps offering tide, however should be noted that this will be twice the length, so the speed was something impossible to replicate. The aim of this new development will provide a decrease in the latency and a greater bandwidth users of Facebook and Google within the Asia-Pacific region.