Google Braking in Dry Fiber Plans: Defying The Telcos Not Gonna Be Easy

Fiber has so far been one of the star of Google, so that gave him yet more autonomy allowing it to emancipase when the search engine company was reorganized to create Alphabet. It is, no more and no less than of your own cable operator premiered in 2012, and since then has been trying to expand throughout the United States.

Last April we told you that this type of experiments were beginning to be a problem in the accounts of Alphabet, something that seems to have led to that the company cancel or at least postpone, the expansion plans of Google Fiber. They wanted to give a positive reading on his blog, but as internal to Ars Technica sources have told, They shall be broken to 9% Fiber template While pause its plans to expand to 10 cities.

This measure will only affect the 10 cities that Alphabet was considering extending Google Fiber, but that still has not had compromised, specifically Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Oklahoma City, Phoenix, Portland, San Diego, San Jose and Tampa. Therefore not affect the 8 cities that Fiber was already operating, and according to the company with which it had already committed: Huntsville, Irvine, San Antonio and Louisville.

Be operator is not so easy

Perhaps Google believed that only by putting his name to an Internet service people I would go to them like crazy. But have met with a competition that has not hesitated to stand them up offering better connections and some little decisions as do police and fined automatically implementers alegal downloads.

In an article entitled ‘ Advancing our amazing bet’ (advancing our wonderful commitment), CEO of Google Fiber, Craig Barratt, has ensured that its subscriber base and revenues are growing rapidly, but that they want to change their approach to staying competitive. Now they will focus on developing new technologies and methods for implementing an ultra-fast Internet.

Therefore, Google Fiber is selling pause its enlargement as a change of strategy projects, while there are voices that interpret this move as a a March back into a business that did not quite Jell. In fact, the own Craig Barratt has completed article announcing that it had decided to take a step back, and that it will cease to be the CEO of Fiber.

The “Access” crew, responsible for working to bring Fiber to new cities, of those that cancels arrival shall be that lose your job or led to other sub-companies of Alphabet. In the statement have not given numbers, but according to Ars Technica sources it would be between 9% and 13.5% of the Fiber template.

Last year Google Fiber has changed its subscription model and it happened to some cities Fiber to buy operators already exist in a visible change in strategy. In August it was also said that Larry Page wanted to reduce the staff of this company, all of these symptoms that still had not found a position and a path that ended them convince. It remains to be seen how you feel, to the future of the project, this latest reverse.