Google Enables Direct VoIP Calls From Gmail [Updated]

The Gmail can gain new features to your client chat and become a full client connections, is pointing Tom Krazit of Relevant Results blog. According to sources Krazit, the Google would be testing the ability to make calls via VoIP and its interface would be very similar to Google Voice call forwarding service.

The screen shot sent by sources Krazit shows that the links to Canadian numbers and Americans would be free, while calls to the rest of the world would be charged, but with rates “insanely low”. The service also allowed incoming calls.

This feature, of course, will not be may be available outside the US or Canada. After Google account does not have enough servers to support a VoIP network that allows for free calls in the world. Out that this would lead to bankruptcy almost all of the planet Telecoms and I can bet that the operators of telephone US are no longer content with even the rumor of this service.

Upgrade to 14:04 | And Google has just officially the rumors: the ability to make VoIP calls is being enabled for Gmail users. We do not know if all users around the world have this ability or if it will be restricted to the US and Canada (just in case I changed the last paragraph of the text). And the rate for international calls is even “insanely low”: a call to Paris cost 2 cents.

Upgrade to 14:18 | According to a post on the Google Voice blog, the ability to make calls will be available only for Gmail users in the US. Nor their Canadian neighbors have access to this function. Fuen.