Google Goggles Evolves and Learns to Solve Sudoku

The system search by image Google, Goggles, reached its version 1.3 on Android. It brings with it some new features to the platform green little robot as well as features that also work in the Google application for iPhone.

The feature that is exclusive for now the Android is the improved bar code reading. Now just open the application and frame the bar code in a moment it is recognized and the search result is displayed, without need to tighten any button.

Working for all, the search for Google image also now incorporates the recognition of printed advertisements and sudoku. In the first case, just take a picture of propaganda (in a magazine, for example) that a search for the tag is automatically started. At least in theory – in my tests this feature did not work, the most I got was the recognition of the advertiser’s logo.

As to sudoku, it seems magical. Just take a picture of the game, ask Google to solve for you and suddenly the numbers start to appear on the screen, completing the puzzle. See the video as:

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