Google Launches Videocast with the Most Sought

Users worldwide make billions of searches on Google every day. This is not hyperbole, not: the largest search engine in the world responds to requests from Internet users often in just one day. Have you ever stopped to think how many searches you do on Google even daily? Several, I’m sure.

To facilitate the visualization of what is being most searched – in the United States, unfortunately – Google announced today a kind of videocast that will address these issues more interesting, so interesting that deserve an explanation video.

Entitled to a host, Anne Espiritu, Google plans to release new videos from Google Beat regularly, although it has not specified how often. The choice of topics to be covered will be based on the company’s own tools like Google Trends and Insights for Search Gogle.

The curious thing is that while it may be called a podcast video, at least for now Google Beat is only available via YouTube, without the possibility to download it to watch later.