Google Proposes Gambiarra Not Track WiFi Networks

To provide a more exact location on the maps, is the web version or mobile applications, Google tracks and stores locations of certain WiFi networks. Certain protection institutions privacy, especially in Europe, did not like this screening, which generated a huge revolt. Because of this Google announced this week that it will offer the option of wireless network owners prevent tracking. But they will do this through a kludge.

In a post titled “Greater choice for owners of wireless access points” on the official blog , Google says that those who do not want to have your WiFi network tracked and inserted into your database giant may do something simple: add a “nomap” at the end of the name ( SSID ) of the network. If your network has the name “Personal Area Network From John Doe,” for example, she has to turn “Network Staff Fulano_nomap” so that Google does not record your location.

In addition to making this suggestion, Google also says he hopes that in the future this gambiarra become something standard for other companies the tracking. That is, not only the web giant hopes the nomap be widely adopted by wireless networks owners but also expects other map services, such as Bing Maps and the like, use this attribute to not track networks too. A little cocky, perhaps?

I personally have no problem with the Google tracking where my wireless network is, her name or even its MAC address. After all, if it was not linked to a specific name of a person, what is the problem? If these data leak or fall into the wrong hands, what bad can happen? But it seems that Europeans are calling for much logic in this case.