Google’s New Beskedapp Allo Published on Wednesday

Google’s long-awaited iMessage-competitor, Allo, which has been under way since may, by all accounts will be released this Wednesday.

The wait will soon be over, if you wait impatiently to try Google’s new messaging service, Allo.

Back in may, Google unveiled the company’s new bet lifted on the area within instant messaging, after Apple has long been at the forefront with the Messages app and service iMessage.

Google has several times tried it with different, half-hearted attempts, inter alia. Hangouts that never really materialized. Now, however, it gives Google another go with Allo, there looks to be ready to finally release this week after having been beta tested by a selected number of users since the unveiling at Google i/o.

If it was up to the always well informed Twitter user evleaks, is ready, not just for Allo this week as first announced, but more precisely, Wednesday the 21st. September. The same date could a user on Google + sign out hours before evleaks, so there seems to be some truth.

Google promised to publish Allo ‘this summer’, and if you ask Google’s search engine, when autumn begins, please give the date the 22. September as the first fall or autumn equinox. In other words, it will mean that Google just once to keep its promise to launch the app this summer, and thus see the 21st century. September, as several times now reported out, in other words, seem to be quite likely.

How it works beskedappen Allo

What can you do with Google’s Allo-app? The concept is very simple. It is a new app for both Android and iOS, which lets you chat with friends, family and acquaintances via your internetnetforbindelse just as iMessage, Messenger, WhatsApp and so on. Just as several of the existing services, you and your contacts are connected through phone numbers.

Allo is centered around Google’s Assistant, which is integrated with Google’s artificial intelligence and machine learning. You can, among other things. get Allo to automatically respond to your received messages, just as the received images will be analyzed automatically, after which Allo also presents possible answers, which you can send.

In Allo you will also be able to chat with Google’s Assistant, so you actually have all of Google’s many search features and devices nearby. Imagine Siri for you – just text based.

A central part of Allo are also the many new opportunities in which you can express yourself – something like Apple also has focused on in the updated Messages app in iOS 10. Security is also paramount in Allo, where you can choose to send secure and encrypted messages. As a starting point is however not encrypted conversations, as it will result in the many features that Google has built into the service.

One thing, however, may not Allo as video calls. Here you must use Google’s other new app, Duo, which was on display at the same time with Allo, but launched a few weeks back.