Google’s New Framework Brings Material Design for Web Pages

The Google wants to take the Design Stuff everywhere. The layout guidelines applied in Android since version 5.0, announced last year, can now be used on websites by a tool announced today by Google.

The framework, called Material Design Lite (CDM), offers several source code for the creation and development of websites, such as templates, components (cards, buttons, tables), fonts, icons and customization issues. It’s kind Bootstrap for anyone who is a fan of Material Design.

In the templates available, you will find Dashboards (as pictured above), blogs, articles and even the source code of for product ad that fit that style. Custom components also help in customizing pages, including various styles of buttons, layouts, menus, toggles and more.

All code was written using the library BEM (must be why the framework was very cool) and it can be customized both in a own page for this (only with changing colors) as the raw source code available on GitHub. By default, all scripts come from Google CDN, but nothing prevents the user to download and change some code.

The Lite name, according to Google, is by ease of implementation and size of the complete package: 27 KB on compressed version, which includes JS, HTML, and CSS. The Material Design Lite works on all popular browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge (!) And is responsive by default (ie, works well on mobile phones).