Google’s Smart Beskedapp, Allo, Is Now Official

With the new app Allo takes Google now compete with, among other things. Apple’s iMessage and WhatsApp from Facebook.

Google has several times tried it with beskedapps for Android and iOS, inter alia. Hangouts and Messenger, but none of these have been some real competitors to the widespread, existing solutions.

The tests Google’s new app Allo in return that back in may at Google I/O 2016 were revealed, but therefore first made available in Play-shop for Android smartphones and in Apple’s App Store for iOS today.

Allo is essentially just as many of the existing solutions. The user interface and experience, there is not much new at the. You have a list of contacts that are also using Allo-app via their phone number, and a click on these leads you into the talks.

Just conversations, however, is somewhat different, and it is here that Google will try to convince you that it is worth to switch from WhatsApp or iMessage. The new Google service is built around that it should be easier to express themselves than ever, just as there is implemented a number of great features that make it faster and easier to chat with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Express yourself better

If you like to be creative in your messages to the people around you, you will get plenty of opportunities for this in Allo. You can specify the size of your text messages, swipe up or down from the send-button.The bigger the text messages are, the more it will be tantamount to shouting, in fact.

If you are uploading images, you can also set your creativity free by drawing and writing on these, as it suits you. Allo also comes with a ton of stickers just like all other instant messaging apps, complementing the more widespread emojis.


Help is at your side with Google Assistant

Another great news in Allo is the implementation of the so-called Google Assistant, who – as the name suggests – is an Assistant built directly into the app.

With Google’s Assistant, you can get answers to anything by just typing what you want help with. As a starting point used Google Assistant in a separate conversation, but can also be added in group conversations, so in is more who get the benefit of assistensens many opportunities.

Google Assistant is a little like Google Now and Siri – just text based. Thus, you can get help with travel, restaurants, weather, news, sports, translations or any other questions you may have. Initially, however, only works in English.

The Assistant is right now in a preview and will be implemented in the coming months in several Google services. Google Assistant acts as familiar with artificial intelligence and will therefore be better over time, and the artificial intelligence is done also using elsewhere in the app.

As soon as you receive a message, you will be served for a number of suggestions as to what the most appropriate and obvious answers to the consignee could be. It therefore makes it even easier and faster to conduct conversations with Allo.

Safety is at the top

As with other services is that in recent years come focus on safety. That is why the conversations in the Allo encrypted with technology TLS, and if that’s not enough, you can open an incognito window just like in Google’s Chrome browser.

Here you get end-to-end encrypted conversations where the messages also disappears again after a short period of time. Notifications from incognito conversations will be more subtle, so you can chat without worries.

Fall back to text messages with iOS-contacts

A big advantage of Apple’s iMessage service in Messages app is that it completely automatically fall back on SMS-standard, if the recipient does not have iMessage. Thus you do not need to convince friends and acquaintances that they need to switch to a new service, to be able to communicate with each other.

Google has been inspired a bit of this approach, and yet not. If you have registered your telephone number in Allo and want to write to a friend, who has not yet taken Allo in use, the receiver will get a special message depending on whether the recipient uses iOS or Android.

For iOS-recipients will your message be directed to Google’s servers, such as through Google’s phone number sends a SMS to the recipient that you use Allo, as well as a link to the app, followed by the message you sent.

Android-recipients receive special notification, which imitates the Allo-app without it is installed. Via Google Play-services-background process which runs on any Android phone, you can actually chat directly with Android users via the special notifications. The goal of Google, of course, is that the app must be installed instead. Therefore, there is also an installer button, then the Allo can be taken fully in use.

Allo is therefore in no way 100% SMS-compatible and cannot act as your standardapp to open and send plain text messages. It turns out, in fact, also, that you cannot use Allo on more than one device at a time, so there may still be said to be some points where there is room for improvement in Google’s new app.