GoPro Ready with Drone: See What GoPro Karma Can

GoPro presents a brand new product with their drone GoPro Karma, which will be accompanied by new cameras, GoPro Hero 5 Black and Session.

Probably the most popular and widely used actionkamera-producer, GoPro, is on track again with new equipment and this time there is not just new cameras on the menu-we also get to see a drone for the first time.

GoPro Karma was the other day presented by GoPros event in Nevada, and here they laid particular emphasis on its easy control system, its foldable propellers, so it can fit in a backpack, as well as of course its abilities in the field of video recording.

The camera itself is of course a clamped GoPro camera, which sits in the wake of a form of image stabilisation rod, as do images less shaking and which at the same time allows you to control the angle.

The governance of the drone is via a supplied check that most of all looks like an overgrown Game Boy. However, the upper part of the controller has a large touch-screen, where you can watch the recording directly from the camera and set the drone for various applications.

In GoPros own video below, you can see the people behind tell about the product as well as view recording filmed with drone.

In addition, they could also present new Karma GoPro cameras in the form of GoPro Hero 5 Black and Hero 5 Session, which, among other things. get added simpler operation, voice control and will be watertight, without having crammed in an extra hold.

The price for the new GoPro Hero 5 sounds at 3,399 crowns and Hero 5 Session is going to cost 2,549 crowns. Both cameras can be obtained from the 2.October.

Conversely, GoPro Karma first expected in the handle (d). 23. October and will in Denmark come to cost whole 6,699 crowns. Drone is, moreover, compatible with both Hero 5 Black, Hero 5 Session and the latest version Hero 4.

You can read much more about the EW products on GoPros own page here.