GPRS: General Packet Radio Services

GPRS stands for General Packet Radio Services, or General Packet Radio Services. GPRS is a technology that aims to increase data transfer rates between cell phones, facilitating communication and access to networks.

General Packet Radio Services

According to this page, GPRS allows a transfer rate more than 10 times higher than those of earlier technologies, and this service is always available on mobile phones, where the user is making processes to send and receive data, such as internet access.

GPRS General Packet Radio Services

GPRS technology also allows multiple users to share the same resources, which makes it possible to increase the capacity of the network. It was with the GPRS operators have provided internet access at high speed (approximately 40 kbps) in mobile devices, and with a very high cost. GPRS facilitates the use of voice and data at the same time, has extensive network coverage, allows access to the internet with a lot of speed, causes a reduction of amounts involved, etc.

GPRS General Packet Radio Services 2

Before the GPRS data transmission was made by GSM technology. Subsequently, the GPRS has been supplanted by technologies that enable a top speed of data transmission, such as EDGE and after 3G.

GPRS General Packet Radio Services 3