Great and Artistic Teaser for Google’s Event 4. October

With less than two weeks for Google’s big event, we now get a variety of extravagant teasers-among other things. a mysterious and somewhat different statue.

On Monday we got through a published video the first teaser for Google’s next big event, where by all accounts will be presenting two new phones under the new brand Pixel.

In the video we see Google’s classic searchable transform themselves into the outline of what may be the new Pixel-phone, and subsequently we get date d. 4. October to see. But this is not the only teaser, we have received about this upcoming event.

Since Monday, there is namely surfaced part large and attention-grabbing advertisements up for the event in big cities, among other things. Cologne and New York City. The probably most interesting teaser for the event showed up in New York yesterday, just as a user on Reddit has captured.

The statue is a faithful copy of the picture from the Youtube video that we saw on Monday, and with New York’s skyscrapers in the background, it is not just a fun and different media stunt, but at the same time also an incredibly nice and artistic sculpture.

The side of the statue is marked with hash tag #MadeByGoogle, and stresses once again that Google really is the major driving force behind this mobile-launch, while the suspected manufacturer, HTC, seems to have a somewhat minor role.

In addition to the rather extravagant statue is there also appeared several large billboard advertisements up on various high-rise buildings, both in classical form but also in the fully enlightened tower blocks. Below we have gathered a part of the images from the various users on Twitter.

It is clear that it is the supposed mobiles Pixel and the Pixel XL, as advertised, but we expect most to clear to get even more products from Google presented, and may receive a new ChromeCast, a new chrome device as well as Google’s control center “Home” to view.

Follow along here on our site, where we will make sure to bring all the news in the run-up to the event on 4. October.