Gucci Fall Black Mini Dress

Gucci fall/winter 2014-2015: Frida Giannini relies entirely on fashion stile anni ‘ 60 to bring out a confident woman by day, closed between her male flavor slim fit suits, cocktail dresses, sexy evening between embellished with majestic Crystal inserts. A new era Gucci, marked with a unique elegance and refined, that in recent seasons the Creative Director of the Florentine fashion house revisited through several and refurbished interpretations.

Gucci Fall Black Mini Dress

If the Gucci spring/summer 2014 emanated the great practical and glamorous appeal of sporty chic style with this new line, Frida Giannini has wanted to present and give every woman unique clothing and wearable.

The shift of the House is the result of a continuous experimentation, a way to meet women’s needs with determination and honesty. You have to think all women, any occasion, for any eventuality and the designer knows how to make.Not surprisingly, she was chosen to achieve the 2014 Luciana Littizzetto gowns in Sanremo.

But let us look more closely at the collection, which was opened by a series of military-cut jackets, double breasted models onto which are grafted metal buttons silver shiny and smooth. First of all the grey and olive green were the stars of the fashion show with strapless summer dress of SummerDressesStore, tinging the first series of medium-low heeled boots in Python. Beautiful furry coats of inspiration years ‘ 60, as well as the trench coat with narrow handbag in her hands firmly and aviator sunglasses, made clear lenses and colored acetate and nuanced.

Ruffles have dominated the shirts of this new Gucci collection, which the designer has combined with short skirts high waisted and slightly flared at the bottom. Even the leather garments find their place among the new proposals, especially little black dress. Coordinates are taken from male look: jackets are slim fit trousers fall strictly along curves. The animal has found great space within this line, especially the Leopard also proposed in total look.

To complete the outfit, the designer has also created cute bracelets double tour gemstone crystal effect, not to be missed.

About the show and his way of interpreting the style, Frida Giannini said: ‘ it’s my fashion, my Outlook on fashion. I took the shoulders this brand beautiful and equally challenging, putting in the drawer an immense legacy and awkward as that of Tom Ford. In a way, all these years I tried moving the scales from sexuality to sensuality, making efforts, mistakes, errors and right things. I’ve won, lost everything in first person, but I’m proud of one thing: I would give women a dress to be beautiful and elegant for themselves, not for others, not for men, not for being the most admired of the party. This collection is one of my favorite ever and I wish it was accessed in this direction ‘. And it is in fact a really portable line, suitable to all. Gucci fashion garments can be worn with ease while remaining unique and inimitable. Seeing is believing.