HD-TVI Security Cameras

Even going into the era of digital technology, analog surveillance continues to evolve. Today many manufacturers of cameras marketed and HD-TVI cameras-High Definition Transport Video Interface.

HD-TVI is based on traditional data and video over coaxial cable, and carries a video signal with megapixel resolution at distances up to 500 meters without compression of video, audio and data and no signal delay and loss of information.

If you already have an analog video surveillance system from Deluxesurveillance without embarrassment can modernize it and to move to megapixel video as easy and economical upgrade in January with HD-TVI system.

Benefits of HD-TVI Technology Compared to Analog And IP Video Surveillance:

  • Transmission over long distances-up to 500 meters without loss of image quality;
  • A more affordable price compared to IP video surveillance system;
  • HD video with high resolution-720p / 1080p;
  • Transmission of video and audio and data over coaxial cable;
  • Without delay signal;
  • Does not require the installation and configuration of network transmission medium, and uses traditional scheme of connection with coaxial cable.

V-MAX PROTECT Offers a Wide Variety of HD-TVI Products:

  • HD-TVI video recorder with 4, 8 or 16 channel;
  • HD-TVI cameras with different characteristics-1.3 or 2 Mpx, dome or shoulder suitable for outdoor or indoor, fixed or varifocal lens.