Headphones Sony MDR-10RC And MDR-10RBT

We don’t always think to Sony when choosing a headset, and that’s a shame because theJapanese manufacturer e has a very good reputation with makers of sound and audiophiles seeking neutrality.

Some models have become essential references, such as the famous King, a very expensive helmet upon his release and so side it is trading today at several thousand euros on occasion! Without going into such high tariff spheres, there of very good headphones much more affordable in the current catalog of the manufacturer. Sony MDR-10RC and the MDR-10RBT interest us as part of its new range of mobile headphones.

MDR-10RC, which we talked at the IFA Berlin, is a closed type supra-aural headphones. Its design is made in close collaboration with the Irish pop-rock band The Script. It is proposed in a packaging which includes two removable cables of 1 m 20 in length. One is totally naked while the other hosts a remote control with microphone for communication policy. And for once this remote is compatible devices Android, Blackberry and Apple. No details on damage, Windows Phonedevices, but it’s already a good effort compared to the vast majority of manufacturers. Note on this subject Sony to advise to download the free app Smart Key, application that allows you to customize and extend the possibilities of the remote control. Can also be found in the box a small carrying case soft and basic as well as instructions for use. Finally the MDR-10RC is foldable. Even before launching the first listen, a characteristic of the Sony MDR-10RC is necessary: it is particularly pleasant port. Creamy stuffing of the rollbar and the pads are that we don’t feel any hardness on the skull or the pavilions. Suddenly we feel absolutely not the 165 g of the helmet.

As soon as plugged into my Cowon Z2, MDR-10RC has established itself as a helmet balanced, offering a slightly updated serious forwards but knowing stay wise, an informative medium and an acute well-placed and failing in the ultra-definition. On the other hand there is a veil effect, as if the sound was slightly “clogged”. Result, it does not feel as involved in music as you would like. On the “Saturday night on the Earth” of Francis Cabrel, it offers a good spatial distribution and bandwidth. We’d like a little more dynamic. By switching to the “Shall We dance” singer of jazz Stacey Kent, if there is a lack of precision in the micro-details, at the MDR-10RC restitution remains pleasant. The sound personality of this helmet is actually closer to a comfortable listening to a flood of effects. If there are more virulent in the impacts, we can however appreciate the MDR-10RC during long sessions listening without ear fatigue. And do not even think it to be soft, listen to the Electro-Rap “Fat Brass” title on the compilation ElectroCypher will convince you otherwise. Small note in passing, this helmet does not fear the rise in volume, instead, everything remains in place and I find thatit still sounds better at high levels, even though there is of course no abuse. Note finally that insulation is average: this is the price to pay for the comfort of the Atria that exert little pressure on the ears.

Change of packaging with the MDR-10RBT. Always designed in collaboration with the band The script, it comes with a cable, a micro-USB/USB cable and a bag of protection in rabat. If it takes more or less style 10 – RCF, Sony 10 – RBT offers larger pads since it is of type circum-aural headphones. Therefore, the ears are completely covered by the headphones. The style remains light, and it retains the comfort of his sidekick. The Sony MDR-10RBT is therefore a headset Bluetooth but also NFC. Pairing with compatible readers will be so easier. The left atrium is the Jack of the cable connection, a hole as a microphone and a Power button to turn on Bluetooth. A bright indicator of loading and are distinguished at the level of the hinge a discreet hole in Reset. On the other headset, you find a volume control button and another for making communication as well as navigation in the beaches (market, pause, previous track, next track). All is particularly well integrated and I absolutely didn’t use the getting started guide, which is far from being the case of all the headsets Bluetooth. The location of the NFC chip is materialized by a logo on the shell of the right atrium.

Listening started in wireframe mode, in the wake of the test of the MDR-10RCF. If you have the question of the justification for the difference in price between 2 helmets, the answer is clear, the MDR-10RBT surpasses the version without Bluetooth in all compartments! The veil I had lamented on the first disappeared completely on the second, the mid-high appear as released, the grave is faster and better run. Whether listening to jazz, country music, reggae, rap, Pop-rock, we enjoy listening to his music. Bandwidth is more linear, we gain in dynamics and impacts are more sensitive. Sony MDR-10RBT particularly well following the differences of level, making the music more alive.

The Bluetooth mode has me a little less convinced. No it does not, everything goes well on that side. Press and hold the Power button turn pairing mode. Then just look for the Sony from your source drive and the connection is made. No, what I deplore is a sensitive cut of the treble and a less well run serious in wireless mode. Nothing disastrous, of course, but I so appreciated the Sony MDR – RBT wired that the return to reality is difficult. It is unfortunately very often the price to pay to switch to wireless headphones, you must sacrifice bandwidth.

On the balance sheet, Sony offers 2 very interesting helmets. The Sony MDR-10RCF is a commendable, rather versatile, extremely comfortable headset and offering a sound balance also based musical. You can find more dynamic on the market but it offers good resistance to power and its multi-platform remote control is a plus. A recommended so product. Sony MDR-10RBT much seduced me, particularly in wireframe mode. Quality workmanship, comfort and musicality are gathered in a successful design. Besides offering Bluetooth and NFC. It has everything to seduce.Damage, however, as his partner, he proposed a sound insulation very average. Find more details on the headphone Sony MDR-10RC and the MDR-10RBT at themotorcyclers.com.

This is, certainly this new Sony range should talk to her, and better!