How Often Wash Your Clothes

Wash your bag every week? Peck! The new research says you should take better care of your jeans, bras and pajamas, if you want to keep out bacteria lurking. Get ready to give a new pace to your washing machine

When was the last time you cleaned thoroughly, inside and out, the bag you use every day? And the last time you disinfected smartphone? And how often changes his pajamas? According to research the clothing and accessories that we use every day need a more careful cleaning (and especially more frequent) than you think …


According to the new study done by, the majority of people washes the pajamas after two weeks. This habit may be the cause of certain health problems, from acne to cystitis. Experts recommend changing your pajamas every two nights and wash it at least once a week.


Kelly Dunmore, an expert in lingerie Rigby & Peller, told the Daily Mail “The part under your breast and the underarm are in a zone of the body sweating. Ideally, wash them after they are worn for two, at most three, times. ”

The jeans

The jeans should be sanitized after they have been worn 5 times. There are strategies to eliminate bacteria that lurk between the fibers of the fabric in the course of time, without having to wash too often. Put them in a plastic bag and infilali for one night in the freezer: below zero most of the bacteria is eliminated. Or wash them in cold water and let them air dry.

Purses and wallets

Think about it, the bag is the accessory that always keep with you, even when the premises go to the toilet. It should not be surprising that it is a healthy carrier of Escherichia coli.

It’s not just about where the support bag or the wallet, but also of what they put into it. Think of coins, banknotes or credit cards: each of these can be a concentration of potentially dangerous bacteria.

Be sure to clean the bag every week with antibacterial wipes (those using alcohol to avoid staining the skin) and controls, if they are of cloth, they can be machine-washed.

Something else?

The bacteria and dust mites are lurking in every corner. If you follow these simple cleaning rules, you can keep them away and also prevent odors.

Sheets: wash them once a week.

Mattress: clean it every 6 months.

Phone: from a groomed once a day.

Cushions: wash them every 3 months.