How to Avoid Diseases During Summer

Dengue, chikungunya fever and zika virus diseases are caused by Aedes aegypti. Learn how to prevent the spread of this mosquito, which is already considered a pest

The arrival of the hottest seasons of the year and cheerful demands the attention of all to prevent the onset of diseases such as dengue. During the summer, the rains are more intense and frequent, with increased risk of water accumulation – ideal setting for the proliferation of the mosquito Aedes aegypti.

Considered a pest, the insect is able to transmit, in addition to dengue, two other conditions: the chikungunya fever and zika virus – all with very similar symptoms.

The dengue, chikungunya fever will cause severe joint pain, high fever (which can reach 40 ° C) and malaise. The zika virus also presents similar symptoms as pain in the body and joints, fever and headache.

Currently, the major concern of zica virus is its association with microcephaly (condition in which the skull of a newborn child is less than normal, that is, less than 32 cm). This disease causes delay of neurological development and child’s motor. Acquired during pregnancy (especially in the first quarter, the brain formation stage), microcephaly has no cure.

Reasons are abound to prevent the proliferation of Aedes aegypti mosquito, right? So pencil and paper in hand to jot down tips below:

  • Place sand in plant saucers and wash them regularly;
  • Never store tires in the open: the measure prevents the accumulation of water;
  • Insert and clean the gutters;
  • Always clean the drains rainwater;
  • Cover the containers that hold water, such as water boxes;
  • Use repellent , electronic repellent;
  • Install screens on doors and windows ;
  • Use covers on pools ;
  • Use citronella candles that serve as natural repellent inhibiting mosquito.